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Roadmaps & Assessments

Our consulting model involves conducting roadmaps and assessments, delivering recommendations, implementation, and managing your environment. Get the most out of your consulting investment and trust Wattean Consulting Services for all your roadmap and assessment needs.
Collaboration Roadmap:
Alongside your team, Wattean will examine your collaboration environment and current state of operations. We'll evaluate your performance and functionality against your current environment, conduct a gap analysis, and provide you with strategic recommendations for enhancing the way your organization collaborates, interacts, engages, and works.
Infrastructure Optimization Roadmap:
Wattean consultants will provide you with strategic capabilities for your infrastructure base. We'll identify vulnerabilities within your current infrastructure and determine areas for improvement as well as forecast for growth, upgrades, and expansion. Additionally, Wattean offers assessments of data centers and private cloud infrastructure in areas of, storage, servers, virtual environments, and the network.
Path to the Cloud Analysis:
Our consultants will take a look at your entire data center environment, collaborate with you on your organization's future needs for storage and examine the organization's readiness for migration to the cloud. Our roadmap and assessment will look at your existing usage of applications and resources, and comprehensively evaluate what and how your data should optimally move to the cloud. 





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